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Higher education is in crisis, in large part because - as Kevin Carey points out in his new book, The End of College - students (and their parents) are paying more and getting less. The announcement that Sweet Briar College will close at the end of this year illustrates how untenable the current system is. On this episode, Carey, director of New America's education policy program, talks with ProPublica's Marian Wang about his book and how information technology will facilitate the creation of institutions that serve what Carey calls the "big middle" in education, who are currently left behind or saddled with debt. 
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If you use a smartphone or your kid has a tablet, you should already be wondering how we can educate, engage, and retain diverse talent in tech. But experts say you should also be curious to know why Ida B. Wells is Aliya Rahman's favorite data scientist. On this episode, Anne-Marie Slaughter talks with Rahman, program director of Code for Progress, as well as Megan Smith, Chief Technology Officer at the White House, and Jessica Rosenworcel of the FCC, about how leadership can make an impact in tech.
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We can make planet-wide, always-on, high-speed(ish) Internet communications a reality for everyone. In other words, a universal Internet is possible, say Alan Davidson, New America's Vice President for Technology Policy and Strategy and Director of the Open Technology Institute (OTI), and Danielle Kehl, a policy analyst with OTI, in this conversation with Anne-Marie Slaughter (and in New America's Big Ideas series on CNN). According to Davidson and Kehl, now that the goal of internet everywhere for everyone is on the horizon, global and local participation and investment are the keys to getting to that finish line.

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Our (North American) Passport To A New America

Borders are perhaps the biggest and most contentious issue when it comes to trade, immigration, diplomacy, and innovation. Twenty years after NAFTA and with the Trans-Pacific Partnership on the horizon, it's time to update the United States' border-sharing relationships with its neighbors. One provocative way to start the conversation: Let's create a North American passport, say Andres Martinez and Daniel Kurtz-Phelan in this conversation with Anne-Marie Slaughter (and in New America's Big Ideas series on CNN). Martinez and Kurtz-Phelan point out that the privileges of movement and access shared among the United States, Canada, and Mexico should reflect just how interwoven our respective economies--including education, manufacturing, and research, in addition to trade itself--have become.

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Instead of working harder to be more productive, we need to work smarter by taking time out to relax and connect with friends and family. In study after study, the research shows that by taking breaks in between periods of focused attention, we will get more done and could even make strides toward greater gender and class equality, says Brigid Schulte in this conversation with Anne-Marie Slaughter. According to Schulte, author of the best-selling book Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time, it's when we hit the pause button that our brains unlock their most powerful creativity and innovation.

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We all know that increasingly, Hispanic Americans are at the forefront of national conversations about politics, and not just in the context of the electoral landscape or immigration debates. Anne-Marie Slaughter talks with Heritage senior fellow Mike Gonzalez about his book, A Race for the Future, and why conservatives need to embrace demographic change and craft a message to Hispanic voters that prioritizes community and opportunity above the polarization of the status quo.

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What can the history of investigative journalism – or global muckraking, as Columbia professor Anya Schiffrin calls it – teach us about the future of human rights? More than anyone might think, as Schiffrin tells Anne-Marie Slaughter in their discussion of Schiffrin’s new book, Global Muckraking: 100 Years of Investigative Journalism from Around the World.

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How should we fill the information gap on Ebola and the Syrian Civil War, which the mainstream media addresses only when there's a new patient or attack? According to News Deeply founder and CEO Lara Setrakian, it's by providing accurate, accessible, and focused content – day in, day out. And that's where News Deeply comes in. On this episode, Anne-Marie Slaughter talks to  Setrakian about her single-subject news platforms, Syria Deeply and Ebola Deeply, and why we need them to tell some of today's most important stories. 

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It’s possible, says Perry Bacon, Jr., who believes that only local journalism can sustain democracy where it is most active these days—at the state and municipal levels. On this week’s episode, Bacon talks with Anne-Marie Slaughter about why we need a New York Times in every state and how—in this moment when global digital storytelling is thriving and local papers are shedding thousands of jobs—we might begin to get there.

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In this episode, Slaughter talks with historian Khalil Muhammad, director of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture at the New York Public Library, about why the story of police violence against people of color seems to be repeating itself from Rodney King to Trayvon Martin to Michael Brown.

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