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In the story of the American Dream, the moral is that with hard work, making a comeback or reinventing yourself is possible. Inherent in that moral is the viability of second chances. Real life for the long-term unemployed in America tells a different story, say Rachel Black and Aleta Sprague in this conversation with Anne-Marie Slaughter (and in New America’s Big Ideas series on CNN). Black and Sprague report that for America to have a real second-chance economy, we must make policy changes that will remove barriers for dreamers of the American Dream to re-enter our economy.

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How do we prevent atrocities like those in Bosnia and Rwanda from happening again? Over the course of her career, Samantha Power - U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. and author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning book A Problem From Hell, has approached this question from diplomatic, military, and historical angles. The subject of a 12,000-word profile in this week'sNew Yorker, Power spoke recently with Anne-Marie Slaughter as part of New America's Leadership, Innovation, and Ideas series. In this excerpt from their conversation, Power and Slaughter discuss how the U.S. government, civil society, and the United Nations can innovate to pursue a peaceful and secure global future.

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How do we win a war that can’t be seen? Anne-Marie Slaughter goes behind the cyber curtain to find out by speaking with ASU Future of War Fellow Shane Harris about his new book, @War: The Rise of the Military-Internet Complex. Harris, who has been reporting on intelligence as a journalist for 15 years, talks on this episode about his unprecedented access to how the NSA works and why our response to the threat of cyber war – rather than the risks of harm - will have a bigger impact on cyberspace in the 21st century.

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The tech industry now admits it has a woman problem. On this week’s episode, fresh ideas for how to address that issue across the tech sector – and other male-dominated industries, too. Liza Mundy, Director of New America’s Breadwinning and Caregiving Program, sits in for Anne-Marie Slaughter and speaks with Joan C. Williams, Director of the Center for WorkLife Law at University of California Hastings, about her cutting-edge research.

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Promoting diversity in education was one the biggest and most widely practiced ideas of the 20th century. But as Tomiko Brown-Nagin, Daniel P.S. Professor of Constitutional Law and Professor of History at Harvard, argued in last week’s edition of The Weekly Wonk, diversity isn’t getting us where we need to go to help students who are truly disadvantaged. She has another big idea to make higher education a real pathway to social mobility: directing resources to students who are the first in their families to attend college. In this episode, Slaughter and Brown-Nagin outline the stakes for how reaching out to first-generation students can make college, in the words of Horace Mann, a “great equalizer.”

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For the next few weeks, we're bringing you edited versions of the best conversations from our annual 10 Big Ideas Conference. First up: CNN Crossfire Host Van Jones, with some help from our audience, asks Steven Rattner, Chairman of WIllett Advisors and a New America Board Member, about his diagnosis and prescriptions on income inequality in the U.S. Forget Thomas Piketty – listen to Rattner challenge conventional wisdom about the connections between economic growth, mobility and income inequality. Later, Slaughter moderates a discussion about the future of war – how big data and technological advances are blurring the boundaries of the battlefield, and the identity of our enemy. That conversation features Peter Bergen, the director of the International Security Program, Sascha Meinrath, the director of our X-Lab project, Tim Maurer, a Research Fellow at the Open Technology Institute, Tom Ricks, a Senior Adviser on National Security at New America, and Rosa Brooks, a Senior Fellow and Professor at Georgetown.

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Jake Sullivan, Vice President Joe Biden’s national security adviser and a key engineer of the Iranian interim nuclear deal, spotlights the most overlooked lever for changing policy in Iran– and the administration’s long-term strategy. Asset Building Program Director Reid Cramer and New America Fellow Jason DeParle tell us what's missing from the inequality debate, and point to policies that can narrow the divide.

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