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To be single and 27+ in China is to be declared "leftover." On this episode, Leta Hong-Fincher, the author of "Leftover Women: The Resurgence of Gender Inequality in China," discusses a destructive new government campaign that's stripping Chinese women of their ambition – and choking the economy.

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We're at the beginning of a new global battle –  a race to reinvent government and make it better. That's what The Economist Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait and his co-author Adrian Woolridge argue in their new book, The Fourth Revolution. In the first edition of our new podcast format, Micklethwait tells Slaughter his big idea: governments can, and will, change – and  technology and transparency will get us there.

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First, a special summer encore edition of the Weekly Wonk: Brigid Schulte makes the case for working less. Later, a conversation about the situation in Iraq – is it an imminent disaster that calls for immediate U.S. Intervention? Or should we learn from past lessons and proceed with caution? 

That conversation features three New America senior fellows –Nadia Oweidat, Douglas Ollivant, Christopher Fussell. And it was moderated by New America Managing Editor Fuzz Hogan.

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This week, Atlantic correspondent Ta-Nehisi Coates extends the conversation he started with his June cover story, The Case for Reparations. Later, what history can tell us about modern warfare: New America Fellow and Abraham Lincoln Biographer Matt Pinsker moderates a discussion on how the power to declare war has evolved since the days of our founding fathers.

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This week - why soccer means more than goals, how the sport has changed racial politics throughout the world and how FIFA's confused - and sometimes corrupt – politics could threaten the sport's future. Listen to a discussion featuring New America Editorial Director Andrés Martinez, Slate Editor David Plotz and Joshua H. Nadel, an assistant history professor at North Carolina Central University.

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For the next few weeks, we’re bringing you edited versions of the best conversations from our annual 10 Big Ideas Conference. This week,you'll hear first from Andrew McAfee, co-author of The Second Machine Age, and the associate director for the Center for Digital Businessat MIT. He distills the hidden impacts our fast-paced technological innovation, explaining why we're simultaneously in the best of times, and the worst of times. Later, listen to a discussion about how the seemingly-innocuous credit hour has poisoned higher education, and what we can do about it, featuring Amy Laitinen, the Deputy Director of Education Policy at New America, Cathrael Kazin, the Chief Academic Officer of the College of America, Hal Plotkin, the Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of the Under Secretary of Education in the U.S. Department of Education, and Libby Nelson, an Education Reporter at Vox.

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For the first time in years, American diplomats seem optimistic about the future of Iran-U.S. relations. Could our progress there help us deal with North Korea? Suzanne DiMaggio, the director of the Southwest Asia Program, shares what lessons she learned from a recent trip to Pyongyang - and why she's increasingly confident the U.S. and Iran will reach an official nuclear agreement this summer.

Later, as school draws to a close, we look back at a conversation from earlier this year, about how to make our schools better, with Teach For America Founder Wendy Kopp and Education Policy Program Director Kevin Carey.

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We live in an ever-shifting world, where industries are rushing to meet modern expectations and the demands placed upon the global workforce are changing daily. In this week’s podcast, former Indiana governor and current president of Purdue University Mitch Daniels speaks about the changing role of education and how schools like Purdue, formally an agriculturally-focused institution, are adapting to meet contemporary innovation. Later, International Security Program Director Peter Bergen engages with Raza Rumi, an analyst for Express News and the consulting editor of the Friday Times, in addition to Kati Marton (a New America board member) and Joel Simon of the Committee to Protect Journalists. The group discusses the recent assassination attempt on Rumi, as well as the growing dangers facing journalists working in Pakistan and the fine line they tread.

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If you had the choice to work in a start up environment like Google or the bureaucratic U.S. Government, which would you choose? Sure enough, most techies choose the companies with free lunches, yoga classes, and relaxed dress code. In this podcast, Harvard Law School Professor Susan Crawford and Administrator of the U.S. General Services Administraton Dan Tangherlini discuss how we can convince tech talent to choose public service instead of Silicon Valley. Later, New America Fellow Anand Gopal discusses what it was like for Afghans to live through the American invasion, and touches on his new book, No Good Men Among the Living.

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Sure, no one wants their kids to end up barren and exploited like the Giving Tree. But most parents do want to instill generosity in their progeny. Wharton Business School Professor Adam Grant, author of the bestselling book Give & Take, tells Slaughter how parents can help nudge their kids towards more caring behavior – and ultimately, more career success. Later, as President Obama kicks off his trip to Asia and dusts off the administration's 2011 "pivot to Asia" strategy, Slaughter discusses the challenges and opportunities in this new rebalancing act with Anish Goel, former senior director for South Asia on the White House’s National Security Council, and Sheila Smith, a senior fellow for Japan Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.

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