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Most of us can easily remember our favorite teachers. Yet as a whole, American society devalues the profession – eroding the enthusiasm of educators with debates over teacher pay, tenure and testing. That dynamic is nothing new, says Dana Goldstein, a former New America Fellow and the author of the new book, “The Teacher Wars: A History of America's Most Embattled Profession.” On this episode, Goldstein explains that if we want a peaceful future, we must learn from the education wars of the past.

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No, you're not imagining things: news media today is dominated by white male voices. Lauren Bohn wants to change that. The co-founder of the startup Foreign Policy Interrupted explains what we lose when we don't hear the perspectives of women and minorities on the news – and how she's planning to disrupt the same old talking points and talking heads.

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Are you really as connected as you think you are? New America Fellow Eric Tyler tells us that you might not be -- that's right, even with your hundreds of Facebook contacts. But don't fret. Tyler's big idea? An online accelerator to help you remedy those critical pain points in your contacts and make your network go global.

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Quit worrying about China's ascendance. On one important measure, Chinese-American Eric Liu tells us, the U.S. still has the power to keep a competitive edge: Find out what that is, and  what we can learn about America's future from the Liu family immigration story. He's the author of the recently published,  "A Chinaman's Chance" and a 1999 New America Fellow.

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Can we break the glass ceiling with dollars bills? On this episode, former Bank of America and Citigroup executive Sallie Krawcheck explains how she hopes a new index fund – offered by her organization, Ellevate – comprised of those businesses that have women in leadership positions might help propel more women into c-suites and corporate boards.

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To be single and 27+ in China is to be declared "leftover." On this episode, Leta Hong-Fincher, the author of "Leftover Women: The Resurgence of Gender Inequality in China," discusses a destructive new government campaign that's stripping Chinese women of their ambition – and choking the economy.

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We're at the beginning of a new global battle –  a race to reinvent government and make it better. That's what The Economist Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait and his co-author Adrian Woolridge argue in their new book, The Fourth Revolution. In the first edition of our new podcast format, Micklethwait tells Slaughter his big idea: governments can, and will, change – and  technology and transparency will get us there.

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First, a special summer encore edition of the Weekly Wonk: Brigid Schulte makes the case for working less. Later, a conversation about the situation in Iraq – is it an imminent disaster that calls for immediate U.S. Intervention? Or should we learn from past lessons and proceed with caution? 

That conversation features three New America senior fellows –Nadia Oweidat, Douglas Ollivant, Christopher Fussell. And it was moderated by New America Managing Editor Fuzz Hogan.

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This week, Atlantic correspondent Ta-Nehisi Coates extends the conversation he started with his June cover story, The Case for Reparations. Later, what history can tell us about modern warfare: New America Fellow and Abraham Lincoln Biographer Matt Pinsker moderates a discussion on how the power to declare war has evolved since the days of our founding fathers.

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This week - why soccer means more than goals, how the sport has changed racial politics throughout the world and how FIFA's confused - and sometimes corrupt – politics could threaten the sport's future. Listen to a discussion featuring New America Editorial Director Andrés Martinez, Slate Editor David Plotz and Joshua H. Nadel, an assistant history professor at North Carolina Central University.

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